Greek Regional Traditional costume manufacturer

since 1957

The Greek Traditional costumes included in the
STAMCO - MANUFACTURERS OF SUPERIOR QUALITY COSTUMES collection, is a result of 50 years of accumulated experience. These costumes are representative samples of traditional costumes coming from various regions of Greece, such as the Ionian Islands, Crete, the Cyclades, Macedonia, Thrace, Roumeli, Epirus, the Black Sea region, and others.

Our cultural heritage is very rich and in every region there exist numerous variations of the local folk costumes. Our Greek traditional costumes, eternal heirlooms of our cultural heritage, reach all corners of the planet and help maintain robust and active the Greek legend and ideal, a fact which is of great pride for us and which gives us the strength and the motivation to carry on.

In our detail catalogue you may find a vast variety of traditional costumes both for children and for adults, suitable also for festivals and parades. All our traditional costumes are available wholesale or retail and are manufactured with the best materials and at every size.

Indicatively, we list some of those Greek traditional costumes that you may buy (wholesale or retail) from our catalogue:
  • Amalia traditional Greek Costume
  • Evzone of the Presidential Guard (Evzon or Evzonas).
  • Tsolias traditional Greek Costume (the traditional Highland costume)
  • Vlahos and Vlaha traditional Greek Costume (of the central region of Greece) (Vlachos or Vlacha)
  • Karagouna traditional Greek Costume
  • Sarakatsanos traditional Greek Costume for men and women.
  • Ionian Island traditional Greek costumes for men and women.
  • Cyclades Island traditional Greek costumes for men and women (from Kyklades islands)
  • Epirus traditional Greek costumes for men and women (from Ipiros region)
  • Thracian traditional Greek costumes for men and women (from Thraki or Thrace region)
  • Kefalonia traditional Greek costumes for men and women (from Cephallonia or Cefallonia island)
  • Cretan traditional Greek costumes for men and women (from Kriti or Crete island)
  • Macedonian traditional Greek costumes for men and women (from Makedonia or Macedonia region)
  • Black Sea costumes for men and women (from Pontos region)
In our catalogue, you may also find parade and festival costumes such as:
  • Ancient Greek costumes for men and women
  • Yenizzari traditional costume
  • Karaiskaki traditional Greek costume
  • Manto Mavrogenous costume
and many more traditional Greek costumes...

Finally you shall find available relevant accessories for the Greek traditional costumes such as, traditional shoes (tsarouhia), coin necklaces,belts and buckles, and many others.


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